About Limiti Studio

Limiti Studio is a unique creative collective, which high value the genius of the one and therefore relies upon their singularity more than upon their collectiveness. We are, not importantly, a group of individuals who come together to form one entity the main struggle of which is to explore the lazy wonder of the mind and create light achievements with little to zero effort. That said, we truly know that, at least for the moment, that nothing we can say can be of real interest to erudite people, and shouldn't be for anyone. After all to be able to say anything interesting, giving a positive contribute positively to society, one should be very intelligent and quite specialized on some matter, which we are most definitely not. Our lack of expertise about the most irrelevant topics allows us to remain indifferent to the world's main philosophical debates and in simple fairness, ignorant as we are, we couldn't and shouldn't have a say in anything. We also cannot be here to bring a fresh perspective to the creative industry.

We are
Jery Walteregg