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Tiribimbos everywhere


Dear Visitor, welcome to Limiti Studio, the great non-company, non-studio that you were waiting for!
We are an incredible bunch of super-creative individuals with a particular amount of experience in our field of expertise, working, collaborating and living together in our own head.
We are all but omniscient and we've been on the global market for no time, contributing to no causes, constantly active, and willing to improve our results to the maximum level of nonchalance. Our extensive expertise in a relaxed attitude and an eye for irrelevant topics have allowed us to remain indifferent to the world's main philosophical debates to instead focus on the lazy wonder of the mind and any light achievement that requires little to zero effort. We don't quite have a specific subject or object and often excel in resting immersed in num indolence. That notwithstanding when we operate, we do so in a field that is paramount to humanity and inevitable to the same, that is the reach for glory through the making of beautiful sketches and imaginative Art! Practically, as a non-committed group that enjoys scribbling random doodles - we don't fit into the fervent and ever-changing show business - we're pretty much just hoping that sheer luck combined with minimal effort will help us achieve a staggering set of eye-catching illustrations and mind-blowing kids’ stories that we can sell for billions.
For the sake of our good spirit, we specialize in delivering non-philosophical messages, and we feel confident in saying that anything we have and will produce that might appear meaningful is just the result of a coincidence and completely unintentional. On the subject, our committee has deliberated that "profound message deliverers" are just simple-minded scammers or/and obsessed wannabe prophets, or worse. However, we're open to changing our minds if we see any personal gain from interacting with the public by blabbering crazy propaganda.
Are you interested in any of the relevant subjects that we have mentioned? We welcome you to delve into our imaginative world, and hope you use your set of child eyes to enjoy!


Standing Ovation

Standing ovation for Laura and Sofi crossing the finish line of their first task!

Below the yellow field
Big Eye
a painting of a man and woman drinking wine
a painting of a man and woman drinking wine
First Date

emerging from the sea of eternity, Seadon release the fireflies into the ether

yellow planet
Tiribimbi scavengers

Below the yellow field there is a see full of creatures, some as big as a four whales, some as bright as fire, and some very smart.

Is it a good idea to get drunk on your first date ?

The morning of the visit
Meeting Aran
Tobey's Spaceship
a drawing of a woman in a white dress
a drawing of a woman in a white dress
Giberlundo aetereal
Pirulinda & Giberlundo
Vacche al pascolo
Sofi Tiri

About Limiti Studio

Limiti Studio is a unique and unconventional creative collective, a group of individuals who, like the Borg, act together as in one mind to explore the lazy wonder of the mind, move the pencil about, and create light, almost imperceptible achievements with little to zero effort. By the same strength that a pile of disconnected words can generate, we derive our fluidity and freedom of expression. Our expertise in irrelevant topics allows us to remain indifferent to the world's main philosophical debates while boxing ourself in the narrow limits of our disarming ignorance.

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